Narratives & Play

the relationship between narratives and play in generating creative enquiry

The intermediate project explored ideas of psychoanalysis and explored how these ideas relate to theories found in both creative studies and play theory. Areas of insights resulting from this project are; primary process thinking in adults, generating creative enquiry, play as a creative environment, and (unexpectedly) the relationship between play and narratives.

My intention was to continue solely on looking at the primary process and creative enquiry part of the project, but on reflection I have decided to follow up on the most unexpected result from the practical intermediate study; narratives and play which I am increasingly seeing this as a very exciting and key part of the project. The links and more importantly the relationship between narrative and play when engaged in personal creative output will be the main focus of the Final Major.

The concept I am working towards is that play can facilitate a creative approach, and narratives are the structure that can guide play in that approach. Narratives and play, when both are allowed to be open-ended means, can support each other in creative exploration. It seems that play allows us the freedom to explore within a risk free environment whilst narratives grant full control of that environment. As the nature or need of the enquiry changes so too can the environment be changed and adapted in order to accommodate these needs and therefore benefit the enquiry.

Whilst psychoanalysis showed both a way of linking play with creativity as well as a means to explore these concepts, I intend to look at psychotherapy as a way of developing the potential impact of these initial insights.


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