Research Study

a closer look at the mechanics of creativity

On Wednesday 16th of May I am running a small research study based on a couple of the creativity theories I have explored so far. The exercise will be in three parts and will be using an artistic definition of creativity so each exercise will involve some degree of either drawing or writing, however skills in these areas are not essential as time limits won’t allow anyone to create a piece of outstanding beauty, we’re talking stick men and scrawls really. The underlying concepts being looked at will rely on communication rather than artistic capability.

This is the first research study of this project and my main intention is to gain insights into a couple of key concepts that will be developed, over the next few months, into a larger and more rounded workshop or event.

Participants will be given the opportunity to win a prize in a game of “Poundshop Roulette”; however the small print states that this will depend on the prizes to participant ratio as well as the participant’s definition of a prize and level of expectation.

I have booked a back room in the Owain Glyndwr and we shall be meeting from 7.00pm on Wednesday, I envisage running the study in 2 or 3 small groups, depending on numbers, so there will be some time spent socializing in the bar area which is never really a bad thing and can also boost creativity. Honest.

I hope you can come, it wont be the same without you.



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